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With complete, in-house fabrication capabilities, Dura Magnetics offers stock magnet solutions for a wide range of applications.

To view our stock magnet offerings, please select a magnet material below.

*Please Note: The Max Operating Temperature specified for each material below is for our in-stock magnet shapes only. Custom magnets that can operate at higher temperatures are also available by request.

Alnico Stock Magnets

*Max Operating Temperature: 500°C / 930°F
  • Full & Partial Length Round Bar Magnets
  • Square/Rectangular Bar Magnets
  • Plug Magnets
  • Round Horseshoe Magnets

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Neodymium Stock Magnets

*Max Operating Temperature: 100°C / 212°F
  • Solid Disc Magnets (38 MGOe)
  • Ring Magnets (38 MGOe)
  • Block Magnets (38 MGOe)

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Samarium Cobalt Stock Magnets

*Max Operating Temperature: 300°C / 572°F
  • Block Magnets (26MGOe)
  • Disc Magnets (26MGOe)

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Ceramic Stock Magnets

*Max Operating Temperature: 250°C / 482°F
  • Solid Disc Magnets
  • Rectangle Magnets With Holes
  • Ring Magnets
  • Block Magnets

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