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Bonded Magnets Technical Information

Standard stock grade is 1009

Magnetic Characteristics 1009 0813
Induction Br
Coercive Force Hc(Oe)58005600
Intrinsic Coercive Force Hcl(kOe)Minimum910013900
 (kA/m) 720 1100
Maximum Energy Product BHmax(MGOe)108.8
Magnetic Characteristics1009 0813
Curie Temperature°F Nominal680878
°C Nominal360470
Maximum Operating Temperature°F302302
*Unit magnetic property tolerances are outlined in the MMPA 0100-00, which is available for download on this site. MMPA-0100.
** The maximum operating temperature of a magnet is dependent upon its magnetic characteristics, the magnet or assembly geometry, and how the magnet is utilized. The listed values are guidelines, please consult a DuraMag Engineer for your application.

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Did You Know?

When designing near the limits of a magnet’s max operating temperature, knowing your magnet’s load line is extremely important.

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