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Magnetic Concept Validation 2The first step associated with the design and manufacture of a custom magnet or magnetic assembly is concept validation.  During the early phases of a project, our engineering staff examines the specific parameters of your custom application to determine the viability of a magnetic solution.

Initial consultations explore two basic questions:

  • Does a magnetic solution for the given application exist?
  • Can the proposed custom magnet or magnetic assembly design concept be manufactured in a cost effective manner while meeting the performance criteria?

This process involves design exchanges between team members, drawing reviews, first order software simulations, and geometry mock-ups of the assembly.  All of these activities are vital to ensure the intended design concept can consistently yield desired performance characteristics.

Concept Validation and Design for Manufacturability
Magnetic Concept Validation 1Once a design concept is deemed viable (i.e., a magnetic solution does exist), focus turns to the manufacturing process.  Even the best design concept is of no value if it can’t be manufactured to specification within existing budgetary guidelines.  During this stage of the validation process, our engineering team can also explore how design variables may influence performance characteristics and ease of manufacture.

Reverse Engineering
Our industry expertise and in-house capabilities also allow us to reverse engineer an existing magnet or magnetic assembly to improve performance, enhance service life, quantify and qualify older designs, and reduce costs.   These capabilities include:

  • Vast accumulated knowledge base
  • Hysteresisgraph used to quantify the magnetic characteristics of the magnet
  • Simulation Software
  • Performance benchmarking of the application
  • Chemical analyses

Deliverables and Next Steps
Magnetic Concept Validation 3Magnetic concept validation produces supporting documentation that empirically proves the viability of the proposed magnetic solution.  With this information in hand, we can confidently progress to the design and manufacturing phases, armed with data that verifies the viability and feasibility of your project.  Although concept validation may seem like time consuming exercise to those unfamiliar with our industry, the process is central to the development and fabrication of custom magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Oftentimes the magnet alloy is the most costly part of an assembly and optimizing the magnet volume used yields financial savings.  By validating and optimizing a magnet design for an application using simulation software, Dura Magnetics can offer significant cost reductions.  Concept validation can also significantly shorten design, prototype, and manufacturing lead times, leading to reduced product development costs.

If you have an application that may require a custom magnet or magnetic assembly, partnering with an engineering oriented vendor offers the best chance of successfully completing your project on time, on budget, and on spec.  To learn more about magnetic concept validation, or to discuss your project, send us an RFQ or call Dura Magnetics at 1-800-492-7939.