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Alnico Pot Magnet Assemblies

Alnico Pot Magnet AssembliesAlnico Pot Magnet Assemblies
Dura Magnetics P/NDiameterLengthTapForce (lbs)*
DMH-6503/8"1/2"8-321.55 lbs
DMH-101/2"1/2"10-322.50 lbs
DMH-121/2"3/4"10-323.00 lbs
DMH-141/2"1.00"10-323.50 lbs
DMH-205/8"1/2"10-322.75 lbs
DMH-225/8"3/4"10-324.25 lbs
DMH-245/8"1.00"10-324.80 lbs
DMH-303/4"1/2"10-325.25 lbs
DMH-323/4"3/4"10-329.15 lbs
DMH-343/4"1.00"10-329.45 lbs
DMH-363/4"1-1/4"10-3210.00 lbs
DMH-501.00"1/2"1/4-207.25 lbs
DMH-521.00"3/4"1/4-2015.50 lbs
DMH-541.00"1.00"1/4-2017.00 lbs
DMH-561.00"1-1/4"1/4-2019.00 lbs
DMH-621-1/4"3/4"1/4-2017.50 lbs
DMH-641-1/4"1.00"1/4-2021.00 lbs
DMH-661-1/4"1-1/4"1/4-2025.00 lbs
DMH-681-1/4"1-1/2"1/4-2027.00 lbs
*This value is the recommended maximum holding power. Higher levels may be achieved, but are not advertised.

Neodymium Iron Boron Pot Magnet Assemblies

Neodymium Iron Boron Pot Magnets compliment our Alnico Pot Magnets by delivering large holding powers in small packages. These magnets are designed to be “Low Profile,” but still incorporate a tapped hole in the back wall for mounting.

The Neo Pot Magnets not only have a potent attraction while in direct contact with a work piece, but they also have excellent field projection capabilities.

Neodymium with higher operating temperatures and intrinsic coercive forces are available in these pot magnets. Samarium Cobalt and Stainless shells and shields are also manufactured. The all stainless pot magnets, for both Alnico and Neodymium, are a Level I or II food grade unit.

All Duramag Pot Magnets are Centerless Ground after pressing to ±0.003″. The standard tolerance on the length is ±0.015″. Tighter tolerances are available upon request.

Neodymium Iron Boron Pot Magnet AssembliesNeodymium Iron Boron Pot Magnet Assemblies
Dura Magnetics P/NPot Diameter (inch)Pot Length (inch)Tap StyleTap Depth (inch)*Maximum Holding Power (lbs.)
DMH-650-ND3/8"1/2"8–320.085"5 lbs
DMH-10-ND-A1/2"1/2"10-320.15"15 lbs
DMH-20-ND-A5/8"1/2"10-320.15"20 lbs
DMH-30-ND-A3/4"1/2"10-320.2"35 lbs
DMH-50-ND-A1"1/2"1/4–200.2"60 lbs
DMH-60-ND-A1 -1/4"1/2"5/16–180.275"85 lbs
DMH-70-ND-A1 – 3/8"1/2"5/16–180.275"100 lbs
*This value is the recommended maximum holding power. Higher levels may be achieved, but are not advertised.

pot magnet assembly diagramWe will manufacture a custom magnet for your application at a stock magnet cost.


  • Various Tap Styles and Tap Depths.
  • Insulated (Brass Sleeved).
  • Shoulders and Machined Features on shell.
  • Protruding Pot Magnets.
  • Metric and Custom Sizes