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Ceramic Magnetizing Options

Ceramic Magnet Powder Pressing Diagram

Alignment of particles during the powder pressing phase with an external field to create an anisotropic magnet alloy

Most useful commercial magnets are anisotropic, which means that they have an “Easy” or preferred direction of magnetization and that an orientation field was applied during the compaction stage of the manufacturing process.

It is essentially impossible to magnetize the resulting anisotropic magnet alloy other than in the Direction of Orientation; however, various pole configurations can be achieved without conflicting with the magnet material’s orientation.

Below are conventional and standard industry options for the MAGNETIZATION directions of Ceramic/ Ferrite Magnets.

Disc Geometry
Ceramic Magnet Disc Geometry

Polarity Nomenclature:  Typically the arrowhead indicates the North pole of the magnet. For symmetric geometries indicating the location of a particular pole is unnecessary, but for non-symmetric geometries identifying a particular pole location is very important.

Example: An axially Magnetized disc magnet does not require communication as to the NORTH pole’s position, but a radial arc does. One must indicate if the NORTH pole is to reside on the Inner radius or Outer Radius.

Block Magnet

Ceramic Magnet Block Geometry
“Block Magnets” or Rectangular / Square magnets have three potential orientation directions.

The block magnet can be polarized in any direction.

Multiple Poles on One-Face Can Be Achieved with Ceramic Magnets:

Ceramic Bar Magnet North South Diagram

This image illustrates two poles, NORTH – SOUTH on one working face.

Ring Geometry

Ceramic Magnet Ring Geometry

Multiple Poles on One-Face Can Be Achieved with Ceramic Magnets:

Ceramic Ring Magnet with Multiple Poles

Ceramic Ring Magnet with Multiple Poles

This image illustrates four poles, NORTH – SOUTH – NORTH – SOUTH on one working face.

Arc Segment Geometry

Ceramic Arc Segment Magnet Geometry

Did You Know?

Nickel/Epoxy/Parylene coatings can help reduce corrosion and chipping while extending magnet service life.

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